Iceland Day 9: Crossing from Akureyri to Snaefellsnes Peninsula Info

On day nine in Iceland we started heading towards Snaefellsnes peninsula. Unfortunately we had to skip the Westfjords, but someday I would like to visit them as well. We planned to stay at Hellnar for the night so the drive was a long one. The drive itself (without any stops) was about 5 and a half hrs. Of course we stopped at a couple locations.

  • Kirkjufellsfoss
Its a waterfall right on the ring road so its easy to get to. There is a folktale about a woman who lived on Kirkjufell farm, who had two sons. They both drowned in the waterfall while fishing so the woman cast a spell saying that no fish would ever be caught in the river and that no one would drown there. 
  • Lighthouse at Malarrif
The lighthouse was build in 1917 and rebuilt in 1946. We went there and chilled on the beach watching the waves crash onto the rocks. This part of Iceland to me looks even more uninviting for ships with all the sharp rock formations.
  • Londrangar
Londragar cliffs are the remnants of a crater, which has been rodeo to its present form by the sea. The farmers in the area never make or made hay on the hill, because it is said to belong to the elves living in the area. We just saw them while driving past them because it was getting dark and we were tired. I would have loved to explore the area more. Damn you GPS*.

* and my that I mean that while we were driving to hellnar our GPS decided that the road around Snaefellsjokull was not good enough for us and we had to take the wonderful "shortcut" road F570. It is wonderful till a point where its not wonderful anymore!. We did not see it was an F road so we nicely started going up the mountain. It rained a bit and then it stopped and the fog came. Along with the fog came the glacier, we were driving right next to it!It was fine for a bit till we started finding huge rocks on the road and then the whole road was cracked in the middle or the sides or both that you thought it could swallow your whole car! Since we couldn't see where were were heading and there were very step parts, along with the cracks we turned back. Later on we checked on the website and it was marked impassable. 

(this was our room)


We stayed at hotel Hellnar. It was about 150 euro with the breakfast included. There is plenty of free parking and free internet but in our room the connection was terrible. We even informed them a couple of times because our phones could not connect and they restarted the router but nothing changed. The room was very nice!!! It was very spacious with high ceilings! The drawback is that it doesn't heat up quickly. Also be careful at the bathroom when taking a shower its very very slippery! This was one of our favorite rooms, together with the one we had in Blue Lagoon hotel.


There are not many places in the area. The town is very small and its cool too most, if not all, of the building are black! I loved it!!!!! We had dinner at the hotel restaurant. The food was good and the service was good. A bit pricey, as usual. The lobby and the restaurant have great ocean views. You have to book a table for the restaurant, even if you are staying there. The breakfast was good too. They offer a big selection.

 Photo diary will follow :D

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