Iceland Day 11: Blue Lagoon Photo Diary & Experience

For our last day in Iceland we decided to spend it in Blue Lagoon so we could relax before going back home and reality. We loved the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel and its private lagoon that we could use. At times it was just us in the pool. The water is two thirds geothermal seawater (piped directly from the original source 2000meters beneath the surface) and one third freshwater. 

The blue lagoon on the other hand (the one you see in all the pictures) was horrible. We hated it! We stayed for 10mins and left. There were so many people in there and with the mixture of the hot water and the silica we felt like we were bathing in a pool of germs. Bliax. The only cool thing was a small waterfall they have that massages your back. 

And to top the whole dirty blue lagoon experience - before entering and leaving the lagoon you have to shower. There are individual showers (like booths) or open showers. At the the booths you can still see they peoples feet and the drain is the same. Well the lady next to me decided its cool to pee while showering. Yes freaking pee so since the drain was more towards my side it was all coming towards me. I had to squeeze all the way to the side. DISGUSTING. Who the hell pees in a public shower with other people on the stall next to them. Thanks disgusting no mannered lady. 

So after our horrible visit at the blue lagoon we went for a ride, checked out the Viking museum, had a hot dog and relaxed at the hotel till we had to catch out flight. 

Overall Iceland, so far, is my favorite destination I've been and I'd gladly go back. Just not at the blue lagoon. :p

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Seti Yeti