Iceland Day 8: Dettifoss, Selfoss, Krafla, Grjotagja, Dimmuborgir, Godafoss Info

On day 8 we explored the area around Lake Mývatn and eventually made our way to Akureyri. 

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  • Dettifoss
This is supposed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. It is 100meters wide and drops 45meters down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon. This is amazing to see and omg the sound! Staring at the water falling down can make you dizzy! You can get to the waterfall from the eastern or the western bank. From the western bank you are opposite Dettifoss so you can view the whole waterfall and from the eastern bank you can get very close to the waterfall. We chose the western bank. 
  • Selfoss 
From Dettifoss you can walk to Selfoss. Its about 1km walking and the path is an easy one. Selfoss is not as spectacular as Dettifoss but since you are there check it out. Its is smaller with less volume of water with a drop of 10meters into the canyon. 

  • Krafla
Krafla is an active volcanic region. Krafla is actually just a mountain but the name is now used for the entire area. There are many paths you can take for hiking but we just went to see the volcanic craters. When we visited, it was extremely windy, so windy I couldn't even walk straight!! To get there you pass under the pipping of Leirbotn power station. 

  • Grjotagja 
Is a small lava cave near lake Mývatn. Until the 1970s it was a popular bathing site but during later eruption the water temperature increased to over 50C even though the temperature has been decreasing slowly. 
Grjotagja was used as a location for filming in Game of Thrones. 

  • Dimmuborgir
Its a large area of unusually shaped lava fields that look like towers. There are several hiking routes you can take depending on the difficulty and how many hours you want to walk. We walked around for an hour or so exploring the surreal landscape. Be sure to stick to the paths because its very easy to get lost!!!

  • Godafoss
Waterfall of the Gods. It is a beautiful waterfall shaped as a horse shoe and the falls are divided into two main ones and a few smaller ones. The color of the water has a lovely light green color. Godafoss is closely connected to an important event that happened in Iceland in the year 1000, the conversion to Christianity. It is right off the ring road and very easy to access. 


We stayed in Hotel Akureyri for two nights because we decided to explore/rest a day in Akureyri. The room was tiny!!!! The bed took up the whole room and with our two big suitcases we could barely walk to the other side of the bed. The bathroom was also tiny! We payed about 290 euros for two nights - breakfast included. There is free wi-fi and parking. We had a sea-view and the city center is just a 3minute walk.

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