Iceland Day 6: Svartifoss, Svínafellsjökull, Fjallsarlon, Jökulsárlón Info

Here are some general info about day 6 and the places we visited. Photo diary will follow!

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 Day 6 in Iceland and third day of the road trip. These are the places we visited:

  • Svartifoss 
Svartifoss means Black Fall and it took its name from the dark lava columns that surrounds it. 
It is located in the Skaftafell National park. There are several hiking trails in the park and the one to Svartifoss is approximately a 1.5km hike. It is an easy well indicated trail but it is uphill so it can get a bit tiering. Look at the bright side though, the way back is mostly downhill!! If you are up for the walk, you should definitely visit it. I wish we had more time to do some of the other trails. 

  • Svínafellsjökull
Was the first glacier we visited. It is not as stunning as the other glaciers lagoons we visited but it is still cool. I think you can book trips for glacier hiking there. Then it will probably be much more interesting. We didn't book any glacier trips because Id rather do that during winter when you can also explore ice caves. I really want to go into an ice cave. In order to get there you take a dirt road and once you get there you walk on a path alongside the glacier. If you have time then stop by you have nothing to lose. :)

  • Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon
This is a smaller version of Jökulsárlón but its still as stunning. Above the lake is volcano Öræfajökull which is the largest active volcano in the country. Fjallsarlon is very close to Jökulsárlón so why not visit both. Its not something you see everyday! Tours are offered on both lakes but we didn't take one because we arrived late so I can not tell you how it is. 

  • Jökulsárlón

Remember the James Bond move Die another Day? Parts of it were shot there. When you visit the glacier lagoons make sure you have time to just sit and take it all in. The scenery calms you down. It is so peaceful there. I could sit for hours (if I wasn't freezing) and just listen to the sounds of ice breaking or touching. It is very relaxing. If you go when the sun starts to set its magical, with all the colors reflecting on the ice and water. Don't forget to go to the black sand beach and see the icebergs that float into the sea! Its amazing.


We stayed at Guesthouse Dyngja in Hofn. We booked the double room with bathroom since we did not want to share bathrooms. It was about 130euros for the night. The room was huge! They had free wifi, parking and breakfast. Our room had a small "kitchen" (a table and a fridge) and we could take our breakfast there instead of going upstairs which was awesome. Breakfast in bed :p
The staff was very helpful and the hotel was right across both restaurants that were recommended to us!


We had dinner at Humarhofnin which was right across from our hotel. The food was tasty but really expensive. We had the Langoustine bisque and the selected and cut langoustine tails. Langoustine is the most expensive dish at the restaurant but its also their speciality so we had to try it! The langoustine (lobster) in Iceland looks more like big shrimps to be honest its not like the lobsters at home. The boy got the Vatnajokull beer that is a local beer made from icebergs from Jökulsárlón and Arctic thyme. 

The photo diary will follow so stay tuned! :)

Seti Yeti