a small pause on posts from my Iceland trip to post photos from our weekend in Kavala.

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Kavala is a city in northern Greece. Its an hour and a half drive from Thessaloniki or an hour flight from Athens.

Where to stay

Imaret Hotel

In 1813 Mohamed Ali Pasha (founder of modern Egypt) founded and supervised Imaret, Koranic school and charitable center to his birthplace Kavala. Later on the Imaret was restored and converted to a hotel. It has 16 rooms and 10 suites. All rooms are different.

We loved it. I have photos from three different rooms (ours was so difficult to photograph) but for me it was the best one. I called it my tree house. The bathroom and sitting area was downstairs and then the bed was upstairs. The rooms are a bit dark since there were not a lot of windows back then. 

The massage and the food was good the only problem we had with the service. The service at the dinning room is very slow. Also the breakfast is not buffet style. The staff is very friendly and nice.

What to see

Philippi Archaeological sight 

Philippi was a city established by Philip II of Macedon in 356BC and abandoned in the 14th century after the Ottoman conquest. 

When we visited the had a guide who explained everything for us which helps when you are visiting ancient ruins to help you understand what you are looking at. there is also a museum which we did not visit. 

Entrance fee - archaeological sight: 3euros. 
Entrance fee - museum: 2euros.
Entrance fee for both: 4euros. 

Check the opening hours before you visit. They are different during summer and winter.

Byzantine Castle

Don't expect an awesome castle with a million rooms like the ones in Scotland and Bavaria. Its just a tower where you can see Kavala which is actually nice to have a 360 view of the city and an old cellar also used as a prison. 

Entrance fee: 2,50 euros

Mohamed Ali's house and Statue

The house was built in 1720. Next to the house there is a bronze statue of him given to the people of Kavala as a gift by the Hellenes of Alexandria. Unfortunately I can't tell you what you will see inside since we didn't have time to visit so we just passed by. 

Next time I visit I want to explore the surrounding area and go to Thassos the island right across from Kavala. 

Seti Yeti