Iceland Day 5: Seljavallalaug pool, Skogafoss, DC3 plane, Dyrholaey, Reynisfjara, Reynisdrangar info

Here are some general info about day 5 and the places we visited. Photo diary will follow!

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Day 5 in Iceland and second day of the road trip. There are the places we visited:

  • Seljavallalaug pool

This pool is one of the oldest pools in Iceland built in 1923. You need to hike a bit to get to it from where you leave your car but the hike is an easy one. You just have to cross a small stream and follow the path up the mountain to the pool. The location is fantastic. It is hidden between the mountains and it is a truly unique place to bathe. The water is warm not too hot and the water is green from the algae . It looks a bit disgusting but if you get there just jump in you won't regret it! We sure didn't!!! There are changing rooms but that is it. No bathroom or any other facilities. And they are not in the best condition. It is a bit disgusting changing like that but hey thats the point, it adds up to the experience. If you want a luxurious place then that is not a pool you should visit. We visited in the morning so we were lucky when we got there there was a couple that was just getting out so then we had the pool to ourselves till we were getting out and 3 more people arrived!

How to get there:

Coming from Reykjavik turn left on 242 Raufarfellsvegur road and continue straight on Seljavellir till the car park. Then take the path up the mountain. It takes about 15-20mins and you have to cross a small stream on your way. The pool can't be seen until you reach it so keep going. You can find it on google maps so if you have internet you can check if you are going the right way.

This pool was so close to where we were staying the night before (thats why i chose it) so if you stay in Hotel Lambafell keep it in mind!

  • Skogafoss

Its a 15meter wide and 62meter high waterfall. The cliffs are ancient coastal cliffs which were formed  by marine erosion at the end of last ice age. You can walk up to the waterfall but there is a huge amount of spray generated by the waterfall so be prepared. Be careful of your camera and wear something waterproof. I was wearing a poncho and still got soaked! You can also climb up the hill and admire the waterfall from above. The hill is steep!

  • DC3 Plane

In 1973 the DC-3 US Navy plane ran out of fuel and crash landed on the beach of Solheimasandur. Everyone on board survived. Now the wreckage is still there standing out in the middle of the black sand beach. We had a 4x4 wheel drive so we had no trouble driving on the road even if some parts were a bit softer. The road is not paved.

How to get there:

After driving past Skogafoss driving towards Vik on route , you'll cross a small bridge with blinking yellow lights and a dirt road on your left to Solheimajokull Glacier (road 221).  Keep driving straight towards Vik for about 2k. Keep your eyes for another turnoff with a gate on your right. This should be the only opening in the fence after the bridge.

This is the opening that leads to the plane. There is also a sign that says Plane wreck - 4km as you see in the photo below so you know you are going the right way.

Once on the dirt road there is a fork and you want to keep left. Someone has installed small road markers (some of them fall over or get blown away) so you know the general path you want to follow. Also you will probably find road marks from other cars that have visited before you. During the winter would not be the best time to visit since everything will be covered in snow. You won't be able to spot the wreckage till the last minute so keep going!

  • Dyrholaey

Its a small peninsula formed partly in a submarine eruption about 80 thousand years ago. Dyrholaey means door-hill-island and got its name from the black arch of lava standing in the sea. During the summer you can find puffins there. There has been a lighthouse there since 1910 and if you are on Icelandic's air stopover you can book to stay at the lighthouse! I would have loved to do that!!!
  • Reynisfjara

It's a black pebble beach and has an amazing cliff of basalt columns that extend eastwards along the shoreline, forming a large cavern. The columns are called Gardar and the cavern Halsanefshellir. We saw so many puffins there!!!!! You can also climb up the columns, its fun!

  • Vikurfjara

Its the black sand beach at Vik where you can see clearly the Reynisdrangar sea stacks. 
According to legend two giants had tried to tow a 3-sailed ship to shore, but daybreak overtook them before they could reach the safety of the mountain and they turned to stone. 

The whole drive is not that long its about 1hour and 30 mins, but do plan how much you want to stay at each place so you don't run out of time! 

To view the distances on the map above you have to take off Seljavallalaug pool because you the gps can't locate it since there is no road for it. 


We stayed at Icelandair Hotel Vik and it was about 139 euros for the night. It is a modern hotel. The room was good sized with a comfy bed and we had the mountain view. It is a bit more expensive than other hotels in the area but at least you have your own (lovely rain-head shower) bathroom if you don't want to share one. The hotel design is There is free wi-fi and parking. The breakfast costs ISK2050. We didn't take breakfast there. 


We had late lunch early dinner at Halldorskaffi. It is a small place and looks more like a cafe but they serve food. When we went it was packed! The food was tasty, the staff very friendly and the service fast but it was expensive as everything is in Iceland. I wanted a plate from the kids menu (i always like the food more) but they did not let me have it. So we had the bacon burger and the Icelandic lamb fillet which came with a soup.

Tomorrow I will post the photo diary from day 5 so stay tuned! :)

Seti Yeti