Iceland Day 4: Thingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss, Kerid, Seljalandsfoss, Gljufrafoss info

... let the road trip begin!

On day four in Iceland we began our road trip around Iceland. We rented a car from blue car rental (more info here) and started our trip counter clockwise. 
So on the first day we visited:
  • Thingvellir National Park
There are many things you can do there if you plan to stop for a while. There are numerous hiking trails, diving, horseback riding etc. There is also a camping area if you want to stay for the night. We just passed through to see where the continents drift apart and Öxarárfoss. 
  • Geysir
The Geysir geothermal area is approximately 3km2 at the surface and temperatures of the hot springs can reach up to 100C. The Great Geysir usually only erupts after big earthquakes and can reach 70-80m. But next to it is Strokkur Geysir which erupts every 8 to 10 minutes and can reach about 25-25m. It is still amazing to see and I can't even imagine how stunning the Great Geysir is when it erupts. 
  • Gullfoss
Gullfoss in English translates to Golden falls. Since its on the golden circle its a popular day tour for tourists so there are a lot of people visiting. When you fist approach it the crevice where it falls into is not visible so it looks like it vanishes into the earth. 
  • Kerid
The crater Kerid was formed about 6500 years ago. Its oval shaped, about 270m long, 170m wide and 55m deep and the depth of the water at the bottom varies between 7-14m. You can walk around the crater and then walk down to the water. Be very very carful when walking down because it is very slippery. A lady fell and hit her back when we were there :( 
There is an entrance fee of 350ISK which is about 2.8$/2.47euros. 
  • Seljalandsfoss
This waterfall drops 60m and don't forget to walk behind it! There is a trail behind it so you can view the waterfall from all angles but there is so much spray so you will get wet. Wear waterproof clothes and make sure your camera is either waterproof or covered so it doesn't get ruined. Best time to visit is during the sunset the colors are wonderful.
  • Gljufrafoss
Its 40m tall and it falls into a deep chasm, while in front of it there is palagonite rock that blocks the waterfall so only the top is visible. You can walk from the river into the canyon. The experience is amazing. Its not a very powerful waterfall but the feelings you get when you walk in there oh I can't even explain it. I felt a mixture of happiness, joy, excitement, respect and I don't even know what else. With the sound and the water falling, the moss on the rocks and the mystic of the place I felt like an elf. If I could I would live in there. For me I think it was one of my favorite waterfalls. DO NOT MISS IT. A lot of people just go to Seljalandsfoss and skip this one.

The driving part alone for day one was about 4hrs. When planning don't forget to include how much you plan to stay at each place because you don't want to run out of daylight before you reach your last destination.


We stayed at Hotel Lambafell. We booked it through and it was about 160euros for one night. Breakfast is included.  Eat before you get there!!! There is no food and we arrived late so we had to go out again to get food, only it was already 9:30 so the places they recommended (there is a pamphlet in your room) where closed so I ended up not eating at all and the boy ate a slice of bread and marmalade we had with us (and someone was grumpy all night!)

There is free parking and internet. 

The hotel has no front desk so for the check in you will receive a code and your room number. You will get this email about a week before your arrival so make sure you check your email for it and save it. You will have to put the code in order to get your key. Never seen this before! Its like a treasure hunt haha.

You have to put the code you get here and it opens up so you can get your key!!

Bed was confy and the room was clean.
nice bathroom view!

Next post (tomorrow) will be my photo diary of all these places. So stay tuned :D

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