Iceland Day 3: Landmannalaugar

We booked the super jeep tour to Landmannalaugar. (if you say it and ready it enough times you will eventually remember it!) 
The day started out horribly since it was rainy and we could not see much. On our first and second stop we got soaked and I had no waterproof pants so at the restroom stop I was the weird one trying to dry my pants with the hand dryer in the bathroom! But once we got to Landmannalaugar the weather was completely different! No rain and even the sun came out for a little. 

We saw the Hjalparfoss waterfall, Crater lake Ljotipollur, Landmannalaugar and waterfall Þjófafoss.

General Info

Landmannalaugar is located in the highlands of Iceland. The mountains are very colorful, and the hot and cold springs create natural hot baths were you can swim. During summer season its a popular destination for many tourists. There are many hiking trails in the area. 

How to get there

There are a few options.
1. Drive. Be carful though because the road is bumpy and difficult. 4x4 is definitely needed since its F-roads you are driving on and there are several river crossings so you should be comfortable with that. 
2. Book a tour. 
3. During the summer time there are buses from Reykjavik.

Where to stay

If you are planning to stay they have camp sites and a few huts where you can stay. 
Make sure you book in advance. In the nature reserve area you can only camp at Landmannalaugar, Landmannahellir and Hrafntinnusker. I think for these places there is a small fee to pay. Outside the area you can camp anywhere where you don't spoil anything. So do you research.


We booked the tour with extreme Iceland
They offer it from mid June- September. 


29900ISK per person 
about $238/210euro

Tour duration

Its about 12hrs. 
The pick up time is between 8- 8:30 
(you have to wait outside till you get picked up)

Tour Pros

We were glad we didn't have to drive there car rental companies don't insure you from river crossing. 
The car was comfortable even with 10 people. Its like a van on top of huge wheels.
The way back is very scenic!

Tour Cons 

Our tour guide. We didn't think she was very good. I think she skipped stopping at two locations: lake Frostastaðavatn and volcano Hekla (on the website it said you stop there). Also we stopped three times (if I remember well) for food and bathroom stop. The one stop was just when he tour started because she needed coffee :/ 


Food is not included they stop at a place where you can buy sandwiched, yogurt, cookies, drinks etc. So you can bring your own food if you want to. 

What to wear

Where hiking shoes especially if you plan to hike. Also water proof pants and jacket would help, just in case it rains. Layers is a good option since the weather is so unpredictable. 

What to bring

Don't forget your swim suit and towel!! 
Even if you don't plan to swim just bring it you might change your mind!

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We went on 3 September, 2015 

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