Iceland Day 2: Inside the volcano

The only place you can go inside a volcano is in Iceland and of course I had to do it. The tour is a bit pricey (like everything in Iceland) but the experience and the views inside the volcano are spectacular. The pictures don't do justice of the colors and the space down there. So if you are in Iceland and have the money to spend then book this tour. 

General Info

Thrihnukagigur volcano last erupted 4000 years ago. Usually after the eruption the crater closes with cold hard lava but in this case its like the lava retreated in the depths of the earth again. The entrance of the volcano is about 4x4m wide opening, leading to a 120m deep volcanic vault with a total ground space of 50x70m. So its huge. Also its cold down there about 4°C. 


39000ISK about 300$/270 euros

Tour duration

5-6hrs with 35-40mins inside the volcano.

How to get there

You can either be picked up from the hotel or you can drive to the cabin where the hike starts. 
The price does not change if you drive your car to the meeting point. 


The hike is about 3km and it takes about 45-50mins depending on the group. The scenery is beautiful and the hike is not that difficult with only a small uphill towards the end. There is a path to follow so you walk in a line and also good shoes(hiking shoes) are advised since you walk on lava. 
Although when we went the weather was nice (not too cold and it was not raining), wear layers since it can get rainy and windy. 

The other way to get to the volcano is by doing the helicopter tour but I feel like you cheat from the whole experience. 

Getting inside

They use an open elevator system that holds 5-6 people. It takes about 6 mins to get to the bottom so slow. Its not scary at all its exciting and the view from above is perfect. My friend who is scared of heights just didn't look down and was fine. You wear a harness and helmet at all times.
Inside: I believe its an unforgettable experience seeing the inside of a volcano. The colors are amazing. You get about 30mins down there to walk around and take pictures or just to sit and take it all in, you are in a volcano after all. Be careful while walking around there are boulders everywhere and its slippery thats why good hiking shoes are needed. 

Our tour guide sang an Icelandic song in the volcano and it was just amazing. 

Tip: Go on the first group to descend you will be alone in the volcano till the second group comes and joins you.


Don't expect a 3 course meal. Its just a cabin in the middle of nowhere after all. They offer meat or veggie soup which was actually really good and I'm very weird with soups. 

You can book the tour here 

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our group while hiking to the volcano. 

North American plate / Eurasian plate. 
The tectonic plates are pushed apart about 2.5 cm per year. 
(if I remember well what the tour guide told us)

I took this while going up and you can see the changes in the colors of the magma. 

the opening where you come in from 

the elevator

Lamp soup

meet frosty <3

 on our way back

Our visit to #insidethevolcano was on September 2nd 2015

Seti Yeti