Hotel and Food in Reykjavik, Iceland

Where to stay

We stayed at Apartment K. I booked it through and we stayed there three nights. 
Since its apartments you have to go to the main office first and then they take you to your apartment. Ours was just two roads up from the main office. 

Very good location right next to Laugavegur road (the shopping street). 
The apartment was very spacious. It was like a huge room with a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom all combined. 
Bathroom towels are provided. 
The kitchen has all the things you need to cook. 
The supermarket is very close, so if you don't want to spend money for food cooking is a good option. 
The bed is very comfortable. 
The stuff is very helpful and friendly. 
There is floor heating, it takes a bid to heat up but then its perfect!

Ours was on the ground floor so we had to keep the blinds down so people going to the other apartment wouldn't see inside the room. 
The bathroom is divided only by a curtain so its good if you are comfortable going to the toilet while someone is in the room. 
The water smells a bid bad due to the sulphur content but its drinkable and you get use to it. Its like that in many places. 
We had the ceiling with the wood stuck on it and some of them fell so watch out for your head!
We had internet problems since the signal was really bad. 

Tip: Bring shampoo and body wash since most hotels don't provide it!

(sorry for the mess)

Where to eat

Bæjarins beztu pylsur

We of course tried the hot dog (and had it nearly everyday for lunch!)
But you should try the one in Reykjavik they say its the best. Indeed it was really really good. 
Try one with all the toppings.  

The hot dog stand is near the harbor on Tryggvagata 101, Hafnarstræti Reykjavik.

For more information check out their website


Its owned by the same guy that has the hotel and in our room we had a 15% off coupon so why not use it. We didn't not reserve a table maybe we should have because when we got there they told us there weren't any available tables. Thankfully the owner saw us and told us to wait at the bar and he would get us a table. While we waited for our table we ordered in advance and we were offered a tempura togarashi squid which was so so so good a bit spicy though if you don't eat spicy. Its good that we ordered in advance because the chef was new and the service was really slow. But the food tasted amazing. 

We got:  
Fishburger meal - 3290ISK

Kimchi steak - 4590ISK

It is a bit expensive but the food tasted really good plus it was our last day in Reykjavik.

You can find the menu on their Facebook.

The rest of the days we cooked at our apartment :)

Next post will be our trip inside the volcano!

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