Hydra, Greece

Greece has beautiful places/islands to explore.
Last weekend we went somewhere around Hydra which is an island close to Athens. 
We stayed at a bay close to the small islands around Hydra which of course I had to explore.

Hydra (taken from a small island across)


The island we decided to go exploring at was full of hares. 
We didn't catch any for dinner. 
Hunting with stones is not easy!

exploring with these two. 

Spot the Yeti!(can you find us?)

well if you use super zoom we are there at the top waving!

snorkeling is always nice... is finding spots to jump off of!

fish finder

lunch served

We gathered wood in order to cook our food at the beach 
which was fun since it gave me an excuse to climb up the mountain :p

our fire 

 and dinner is ready!

 Greece during the summer is simply the best!
So why not #visitgreece :)

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Seti Yeti