Bucket list

I've always liked bucket lists. 
Since I was young I would always try to keep a bucket list but ended up losing it. 
So I decided to keep my bucket list here and cross off anything I end up doing. 
My list is not in any particular order of what I want to do more. 
Its just things I want to do. 

1. Volunteer with the nomads in Mongolia

2. Visit Iceland

Finally after organizing this trip twice and having to cancel it at the last minute I managed to go to Iceland. It was all I was expecting and more. I did not want to leave. It is a lovely country with amazing landscapes. It is definitely a photographers heaven. No words can describe how happy everything I saw there made me even if it was one more waterfall or one more crater or more lava fields. My favorite trip so far and I have seen quite a few places.

3. Open-door helicopter ride in Hawaii

4. Skydiving

I went skydiving with some friends. We had so much fun. When we went the weather was terrible. It was raining so they told us to wait. If it cleared out then we could go if not then we had to come back another time. Luckily it cleared out just for a little bit so could do the jump! We all did tandem skydiving since none of us had done it before. I wouldn't mind being able to jump by myself but the lessons are so expensive and you need time. Since I need money to travel no skydiving lessons for me :p I didn't take the packet that included a video so I only have pictures from my friends bellow. My favorite part was when the door opened and you could see down. The fall goes very fast unfortunatelly I wanted more!!!

5. Visit the Galapagos islands

6. See the Northern lights

OMG i saw them!!!! Last night in Iceland! I never thought I'd see them on that trip because in September its not the easiest month to see them! The strength of the northern lights was not much but they were still amazing!!! They were dancing over our heads ugh i was the happiest creature on the planet that night! I was so excited I could not sleep so I would not miss them if they came back. I want more!! I would love to camp under the northern lights one day....

7. white river rafting at Seti river
8. swim with Sharkwhales
9. go to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
10. learn archery
11. Visit Ice caves
12. visit the Easter island
13. swim with stingrays
14. trans-siberian train ride

15. Go inside a volcano

Of course I had to go inside the volcano in Iceland since its the only place you can do so. The experience is (a bit expensive) amazing and when you are down there. The view and the colors of the magma are truly spectacular and the pictures really don't do justice. Its an amazing experience so if you have the chance do it.

16. Hot air balloon ride at Cappadocia
17. go to lone pine koala sanctuary
18. cave of the crystals in Mexico

19. play with the tigers at the tiger temple

While we were in Thailand we visited a tiger temple. Although I like most animals tigers are my favorite. Maybe its my spirit animal. So imagine how excited I was to be this close with tigers. The boy and I did the cub exercise where the cubs "play" trying to catch the stick you are holding. They run and jump in the water. Some people say that they use sedatives to keep the tiger calm but I don't think they would be jumping like they did if they were sedated. I choose to believe that they help tigers that can not live in the wild anymore and the baby ones are born in the temple. I hope they don't capture wild tigers just to have tourists see them. Either way they seem to be healthy and enjoy themselves so at least that is better than being killed by poachers for their fur, bones etc.

20. bike ride at the death road in Bolivia
21. great white shark cage diving
22. visit Hashima island
23. float in the dead sea
24. create my dream home
25. see a tarsier (and hold one if possible) in the Philippines
26. Anapurna train in Nepal
27. visit the sea gypsies
28. Namib desert jeep tour
29. visit the reindeer people in Mongolia
30. dia des los muertos in Mexico
31. have a snowball fight party
32. burning man festival
33. go to Eisriesenwelt cave in Austria
34. visit Kyoto
35. have a nice display of my toy collection in my home
36. stay at the Kakslauttanen hotel in Finland
37. snorkel at the great barrier reef
38. La tomatina festival
39. visit meteora in Greece
40. road trip the USA
41. stargaze in New Zealand
42. angel falls in Venezuela
43. zipline in Fiji
44. visit the Amazon
45. Machu Picchu, Peru
46. Kenya safari
47. carnival in Brazil
48. Zao fox village
49. celebrate holi in India
50. see the baobabs in Madagascar
51. build an igloo
52. honey hunting in Nepal
53. nara deer park
54. Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil
55. Pamukkale, Turkey
56. visit Petra in Jordan

57. Cuba

Visited Cuba for a bachelorette. We had an amazing time although if I go back I want to do a road trip around the island to see the lest touristy parts and explore more! It is such a colorful country with really nice people.

58. Trolltunga, Norway

59. carve a pumpkin for halloween

My first carved pumpkin and its of course toothless! We had a pumpkin competition and mine got more votes. Yeiiii :)

60. Chefchaouen, Morocco
61. owl cafe in Japan
62. Bungee jump at Isthmos
63. Plitvice lakes, Croatia
64. pyramids in Egypt
65. paraglide somewhere
66. glowworm caves, New Zealand
67. learn motocross
68. dog sledding
69. dream job = national geographic
70. snorkeling in Jellyfish lake
71. Kjerag, Norway
72. Thrift bridge, Switzerland
73. Son Doong cave, Vietnam
74. Dallol volcano, Ethiopia

Im sure I will add to this list. I just hope I can cross out stuff too! 

Do you have a bucket list? If not would you make one?

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