New York, New York

During our stay in New York our feet hurt from walking. 
Im surprised we didn't get blisters from walking too much.

Tip: If you plan on walking (a lot) wear sneakers! 

We walked around the shops, went to Times square, passed by the grande central terminal,
went to the Apple store (because that building is just awesome), had a picnic at central park etc.

The reason I love New York so much is because you can walk everywhere and it has everything to do. Plus all the amazing exceptions at all the museums and the broadway plays (even though they are super expensive if you want good seats). Thats the one of the things that is missing from Athens. The exhibitions. And the advertising for the things that actually do happen and I miss them because I just didn't know they were happening. 

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Grand Central Terminal has been used in many movies such as Hugo, I Am Legend, Madagascar, Men in black etc so i had to take the boyfriend to see it :)

I love the Apple store. It is such a cool and different building. It is always PACKED during the day. 
Once I saw a lady with her pet parrot chilling on her shoulder trying to get her laptop fixed!
Also I didn't not know that it is open 24hrs. I don't know if its the same working hours everyday or if they have changed now but once I had an appointment to fix my laptop and I didn't realize it was for 2am so I went at 2pm the next day and had to reschedule for later haha 

Times Square and all the crazy people trying to make money :p
Ok Times Square is so so crowded. It is annoying that you can walk anywhere witch out being stepped on, pushed and squashed. 

While there we tried to find a broadway play at the TKTS booth but no luck. The big shows like Lion King never make it. TKTS discount booths (for those who don't know) have tickets of show on sale everyday at 20% to 50% off the regular price. I think its the tickets that they haven't sold for the day or they have from cancelations. But its usually for smaller shows. If you want to watch Lion King or the Book of Mormons then you have to pay the regular ticket. Or go a few hrs before the show and prey someone with good seats cancelled! We tried that too but no luck!

Painting seat at the MOMA store.

Jeff Koons - Split Rocker at the Rockefeller Center. 

Central Park and picnic with Shake Shack!

Making new friends. 

and I had to watch Sin city because I like the movies (even though a lot of people don't) and I love the graphic novels!

Seti Yeti