Venice & Santa Monica

During our stay in LA of course we went to Santa Monica and Venice beach.
We arrived early at Santa Monica and there was hardly anyone on the beach. 
Later on it was packed. 
We rented bikes and cycled along the beach. (you can rent them along the beach)
The day was beautiful. The beach there is HUGE!
Venice was a bit toooo crowded, with all the little shops/kiosks and street artists.

Santa Monica before...

Santa Monica after...

The water was way too cold for me. Not that I would swim there. The water is too dark. Im spoiled I think. Gotta thank Greece for that!

Tip: If you want to play at the jungle gym don't wear a skirt! Unfortunately I was wearing one so no climbing for me :( Plus shorts are better for the bicycle too!

ps: Yep I know I have taken forever to go through my summer vacation photos :/ 

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