Disneyland LA

While in LA we went to Disneyland. 
I bought our tickets online and for one day its $96 which is a bit expensive. 
We only went to the Disneyland Park not the Disney California Adventure Park so I don't know if it is any good. 

We arrived early so there were not many people at first but soon it was packed. 
It can get a bit chaotic with all the kids running around haha.

Tip: There are certain rides that have a fast pass ticket. You have to go ahead of time and print it at the special booth at that ride (you just insert your ticket and it gives you what time you should return) and be sure to come back between the time it gives you. You are allowed to get one ticket per hour I think. So plan ahead. It really saves you a lot of waiting. 

Taking videos on the rides is not as easy as you think! 

At some point you could get a photo with the princess from Frozen and the waiting line was 3hrs o.O
I felt so bad for the parents waiting in line. Thank god I don't have kids yet haha

I think the buzz lightyear was one of my favorite rides. At first I didn't realize that there was a score for the targets you hit so I was taking a video plus trying to hit the targets so my boy won. 

My lunch was bigger than my face. Could not eat it all. 
I couldn't even hold it. It was too heavy and my wrist was hurting. 

Someone was enjoying the parade :p

Have you been to the Disney California Adventure park?
Is it any good??

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