Ideon Cave

The weekend before last we went to Crete. Heraklion to be precise. 
Ugh Heraklion is so so so ugly. Buildings everywhere. And they are ugly buildings too.
But we visited the Ideon Cave and Anogia where we had lunch and Fodele. 
The weather was not perfect. It rained a bit and it was cold but who cares.

Enjoy the photos :)
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On our way to the cave we took a small detour to a small church. (picture above)
I like the way its made! Its round and made of stone. Unfortunately it was lock and I didn't get to see how it looks inside. All around the area there were goats and they had babies. So cute. 

I dont understand why most of the signs are shot haha.

Above you can see the path you have to take to get to the cave. Its 580m uphill but its a very easy path. You just need good shoes. 

No one was there when we went but at least the door was open so I just went in the cave alone. I only went down the stairs. I am not sure if it has more to see but with no light you can't go far. And my phone was out of battery so no flashlight for me to go exploring. 

At Angoia we ate at Arodamos. The food was really good! If you are around try it. We had antikristo which is very good but make sure you tell them before hand because it takes forever to cook. We called them before going up to the cave to tell them to start cooking it! Also the ntolmadakia we had were amazing and the apaki and the desert and ... just go there and eat

This is the church of Annunciation of the Virgin Mary in Fodele. It is a 11th or 12th century church and the paintings are falling apart. The lady who keeps it is very nice and told us the whole story about the church. A little up the street from there is the house of El Greco but it was closed when we visited :(

Thats all for now. 
I still need to short out my LA pictures :/

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