Maroon Bells

Maroon Bells!! We nearly didn't go there. Im so glad we did.
I had read about it a while ago but had forgotten all about it.
Thankfully some people we met while hiking told us we HAVE to go. 
So instead of going for downhill (we didn't have enough time anyway) we woke up really early on Sunday to get the first bus there and be back in time for our departure.

We got of the bus and walked up to the trail that takes you to the lake and the first thing we said once we saw it was WOW. The view of the mountains reflecting on the crystal clear waters is breathtaking. 

Tip: Choose a big rock to jump and try not to lose your balance. 
The second time I did it once foot landed on the water hahaha

We found a guy fishing and my boy asked him to try it. The water was freeeeezing!!!! 

We walked till the small waterfall and back again so we could get to Aspen in time. 
There are different trails you can take like the one to the crater lakes.

How to get there:
From Aspen to get there is easy. You take the free bus till the base of Aspen Highlands and from there you purchase a ticket for $6 for the bus that takes you up to Maroon Bells. 
You can purchase the ticket at Four-Mountain Sports in Aspen Highlands Village right were the bus departs. You can go by car but there is a fee and certain hours you can get to Maroon Bells. Plus on the way up the bus driver tells you information about the place which is nice. There is a bus every 20mins. 

 Tip: Try to get there early. We took the first bus up so it was not crowded at all and be could enjoy the views. Wear sneakers and sunscreen. Have water with you and maybe a snack if you are planning to stay long. I think there is a vending machine where the bus drops you off but I am not sure.

Have you been to Maroon Bells?

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