Aspen, Colorado

While in Colorado we visited Aspen for a weekend. We drove from Denver through the Independence pass to Aspen. The pass is open during summer time and usually closes around November for the winter. If you are around during the summer then do drive through the pass!! The views are amazing. Its a very scenic drive and the roads are safe. 

On another note we didn't expect Aspen to be so beautiful during the summer. I guess we (by we I mean me and my friends) have connected Aspen with skiing/snowboarding so we thought there would be nothing fun to do. But it was wonderful!!!

You can hike up the mountain or take the gondola up and walk from there around the different passes. You can bike, and also downhill at snow mass. We wanted to go for downhill but we didn't have enough time. It takes half a day. 

We took the gondola up of course. Climbing up seems too hard haha.
The ticket is around $17 but if you plan to take it more than once or take the one in snowmass there are different packages you can choose from. 

Tip: Wear sneakers, sunscreen, and it can get very warm especially if you are hiking so dress accordingly. 
Getting a trail map is helpful (we didn't have one unfortunately :( not very organized)

We made our own cairn. 
It is a bit different than other cairns.
It has two little hands.
They are on the other side so you can't see. 

Aspen is a nice city to walk/bike around. Shopping is mostly expensive and the food is good.
My favorite place we had lunch at was the Pyramid bistro which is a small bistro at the top floor of a bookshop. The service was a bit slow but with good company everything is alright :p

We stayed at the Jerome hotel. Its an old hotel and the decoration is a bit heavy but the rooms are nice  and the stuff are very helpful. We also ate at the J-bar for lunch. The menu is a bit limited but the food is tasty! Also the service is very good. 

The photo above is the preparation for the US pro challenge. The bike race was the day after we left. They painted this in one morning. Its in front of the Jerome. I wonder how they take it off after the race is over.  

We also went to the BB King concert. Ok he is a bit old for concerts and gets tired during the show but it was fun nevertheless. In fact we didn't know him before that night (my parents knew him though when I told them) but we enjoyed the show a lot. 

We stopped at the Continental divide. Ugh it was freeeeezing!!!! 
I run to the car after this photo. The view is pretty from up there. 

The following photos are from the drive to and from Aspen. 

We passed through south park!!!

 The storm.

 I hope you enjoyed the photos. Have you been to Aspen?
What was your experience like?

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