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On August 8th we left Greece to go to Maine, USA. Such a long trip. Unfortunately to get to Maine we had to change three planes. Athens - Munich - Newark - Portland. 
After it was a two hour drive from Portland to Boothbay Harbor. 

We decided not to sleep on the plane in order to sleep once we got there so we wouldn't have jet lag. Well as it turned out we SHOULD have slept!!! So we watched a bunch of movies, played tons of monopoly, ate plane food, read book/magazines, watched more movies..... 

Finally we got to Portland at 12am on the 9th, rented our car and drove to Boothbay. After the first cop car sneaked up on us we didn't dare drive over the limit. The whole way there we saw more than six cop cars/sheriff cars that kept pulling over everyone. We got at Boothbay at around 2am. The whole town was deserted. 

Due to our early arrival the lady that had the inn told us that she would leave the light outside the room on and the keys inside. So we arrived at the inn, found the room with the light on and tried opening the door. It was locked!!! We searched everywhere outside the room for the key but it was nowhere to be found. Tried calling the lady but no answer. So at 3am we were driving around trying to find some place to stay. Everything was closed!! We managed to find one inn open that had no vacancy (the lady was so reluctant to open the door to talk to me. She only had a crack open while she was talking to me haha) then the lady there sent us to another inn that would be open that also had no vacancy. Lucky us! Finally at around 4:30am we decided to sleep in the car! At least we had a car. So we parked at a parking lot and slept there. We were freezing (it was so cold at night in Maine) and woke up at 6:30am because of the sun. We didn't get in our room till 10:30 and my friends wedding (the whole reason we went there) was at 4pm the same day. Yei for us! 

Other than our nice and super tiering adventure the rest of the tip went well!

Tip: We rented a car from Alamo (it was the cheapest one) We were happy with the service. We also got a free upgrade because they had rented out all the cars similar to the one we got. The car was also new. Also beware of cops they are everywhere. Everywhere!!!!

plane 1: Monopoly

plane 2: movies

plane 3: no more planes pls


 Next post will have pictures from Maine so stay tuned.

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