Conifer, Colorado

This post contains many pictures of dogs! Huge but cute dogs. 

While in Colorado we stayed with some friends in Conifer. Its not far from Denver but its on the mountain surrounded by the forest! The elevation there is around 2500m! 
Its even a bit higher than Aspen. 
They have three awesome dogs!!!!!!!!!! The brown one was my boyfriend. I wish I could take him home with me. He would make a perfect bro for Moka... (actually he would probably eat him)

Anyway we had so much fun walking around, eating home-cooked food, feeding huge trout and playing Bocce (or at least that what I think its called) 

Enjoy the pictures :)

We had Mexican home-cooked lunch one day and we all dressed up! 

I love these napkin holders! I think our friend got them from Ecuador! They are so cute!! 

Yeti walking a Yeti :p

 Our first day there we took a drive to Bucksnort Saloon. The whole interior is filled with dollars!!!!
I think the boy and I both had the Buck burger. It was ok. It not a place I would go out of my way to see but if you are in the area then why not?

Just in case someone want to go there ---> website

Selfie with the boyfriend. 
(He has a bigger head than me) 

We found a huge mushroom. It looked like a giant brain popcorn. 

We got to wear these funny hats at The Fort where we went to eat. The food was pretty good. 
The jalapeños stuffed with peanut butter were so good!!! 
For main course I got the fort's game plate which has: an Elk, Buffalo and Quail. I really liked the Elk and the Quail but I didn't like the Buffalo. But thats just me because the boy got Buffalo and he really liked it. 

Check it out --->  The Fort

Thats all for now. Enjoy your day!!!!
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