BoothBay Harbor, Maine

Boothbay Harbor is a pretty town. Apart from our adventurous first night there the rest of the visit (1 day) was nice! We went to the wedding, walked around town, and ate tons of lobster. 

The inn we stayed at was cute. We stayed at the Boothbay Harbor Bed and Breakfast that we booked through airbnb. Despite the misunderstanding we enjoyed our stay there. The manager was very nice and helpful. We had a cozy little room and a parking spot for our car. Breakfast was good too. Great muffins!!! Internet is only available at the lobby/dinning area.  

The town is small but pretty. Some of the activities are lobster boat tours (we wanted to do that but we had no time) and fishing trips. We were told that there are some nice hikes around the area but we had no time for that either, not that I would get my boy to do it if we did have time!!!! Also the botanical gardens are beautiful but thats another post. 

To be honest I would not choose it as my travel destination. I think I wouldn't choose Maine in general. I would rather go to other places first. 
But Im glad I got the chance to go and spend time with my friends. 


 Low tide = seaweed taking over

Appart from the dinner we had at the wedding and breakfast at the hotel the other two meals was lobster of course! We couldn't get enough of it!! We ate at the lobster wharf for lunch and at the lobster dock for dinner. We got the same food at both places. Steamed lobster and the lobster roll. We preferred the lobster dock. 

Steamed lobster with corn on the cob.

Lobster roll.

twins and twins! same clothes by coincidence with the newlyweds!

Seti Yeti