Temple of Poseidon, Sounio

On Sunday we drove all the way to Legrena for swimming (about 1hr or so driving depending on traffic). It was my first time there. It was quite nice but very busy when we went. Moka attracted all the nearby kids of course so no quiet time for us haha. Since I had never been to The Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and I could see it from the beach I kinda made everyone go. Sorry guys! I know you love me!

 Before going we ate at Marida! The food was very very good so if you are around you should try it. 
At least we were happy with everything we got and we got a lot! 
Check it out here.

Then we went to the temple. I found the tickets to be expensive especially if you are Greek. My friend Amelia is right. In other countries for locals it either free or reduced price. Plus its just a small temple that you can see without even entering. My doggy was not allowed inside, even though he was in my bag but I left him with the ladies at the ticket booth who were very nice! When we went it was nearly sunset time so the scenery was very beautiful. We didn't stay till sunset coz poor moka was waiting anxiously at the entrance and I didn't want to leave him too long. But I bet it is beautiful. I recommend going during those hours rather than during the day.

After that we spotted an old abandoned church. It was so pretty we had to stop to explore. There were more things to explore around but it was getting late and dark so we left. Next time!

Enjoy the photos :)


My shark beach bag. I got it from Japan and I love it!

The door was pretty! 

Seti Yeti