Santorini is one of the most popular destinations in Greece. This is due to the unique formation of the island and the volcano crater in the sea. The views are really beautiful, but then again I have never been to another volcano island so I can't compare. Also Santorini has a very good reputation for best sunsets! I had been to Santorini before when I was younger but I didn't remember much so I really enjoyed my visit even if it was a short one and I had to attend a wedding. We managed to see many things the only downside of the trip was we didn't get to eat pasta with lobster. Oh well next time!
We took the boat unfortunately because by the time we booked the tickets the plane tickets were way too expensive. Not that the boat tickets were not! We took the highspeed which takes around 4 and a half hours and stops at Paros, Naxos, Ios and finally Santorini. Ugh it leaves Piraeus around 7:15am though. Bottom line if you book your flight tickets really early they will probably be cheaper than boat tickets (depending on the seat and the type of boat, the slow one will be cheaper of course) and you will have more island time! So book early! 

Enjoy the photos :)

The view from the boat as we arrive to Santorini and the four (you can't see one of them) cruise ships!

Doorway to hell? 

Ok I find all the mini pools ridiculous. They are so tiny.
 I guess they are more of a jacuzzi than pools. I hate jacuzzis. 

Tip: Santorini is not very high heel friendly. Sneakers or flat shoes are the best.  No wonder all the cute brides (mostly Asians) would wear their lovely wedding dresses with sneakers trying to get the perfect shot! Maybe once on the perfect spot they changed shoes. I don't know. 

I don't think I can ever get tired of this view. 
But then again I was only there for three days so who knows!

 Dress: Stella McCartney Shoes: Tory Burch Necklaces: from Nepal

 We visited the Akrotiri Archaeological site. The entrance fee is 5 euros. They have done a very good job preserving the site. It is nice to walk around and imagine how people lived here. I also loved the building!! This wood roof is awesome! We had limited time so we walked through pretty quickly. I would have liked if they had images of how they believed the buildings looked like before the eruption. 

Tip: Get a guide!!!! You will appreciate the visit way more! 
They explain tons of things and you learn a lot. 

The red beach is very close to the archaeological site. Its worth your time to just go and see it. It a bit of a walk to get to the beach (maybe 5 mins) and a closed shoe is better since its rocky. But you can still get a picture of the beach without going all the way down to the beach, like we did. When I first saw it I said WOW it is beautiful. I think there are also small boats that take you because we saw one dropping people off.

Tip: Bring and umbrella (if you need shade), water and food because its not an organized beach. It also gets very crowded so get there early. Or just take a photo and visit a more comfortable beach :)

 We went to Perivolos for swimming. We sat at Anemos which had very comfortable sun loungers. Since the sand is black it burns your feet so wear flip flops. 

We were staying at Imerovigli but we visited our friends in Oia so we could see the sunset. 
For some reason it seemed more peaceful on that side. 

Having a conversation with funny tail. 

Santorini sunset from Oia.

Tip: Get there very early. OMG the crowd! I hardly got a spot I could see! Damn we were not expecting that. It is very pretty and all but I felt like I was at the stadium or something. 

On our last day we took the trip to the volcano and hot springs. 
It is not something extraordinary ( Im sure there are better volcanos) but if you like stuff like this then why not go. I really enjoyed it!!! But Im a nature person and love photography so maybe that is why I liked it so much. Its quite a hike and it gets very warm. When I went there was a breeze so it was not that bad. There are not many places with shade though so you have to be up to the hike and you will probably sweat a lot. 

The boat ticket is around 15 euros for the volcano and hot springs and it takes about 3 hrs. 
The boat leaves from the old port at Fira at 11am. You can take the cable car to and from the old port. 
It costs 4 euros one way.

At the hot springs you first jump into the cold water (such a relief after the hike!!!) and you swim towards the hot water. I just went swimming in the cold waters though. I don't like the smell of rust so I went nowhere near the hot springs. But hey its supposed to be good for you. The rust stains so wear a dark swimsuit. 

Tip: Wear sneakers, and lots of sunscreen!!! Bring water. If you plan on swimming at the hot springs wear a dark (preferably black) swimsuit. 

Spot the Yeti :)

Tiny Yeti. 

That brown stuff is the hot springs.

To the Donkey Station! On the way back we decided to ride the donkeys instead of taking the cable car. Im sure there are tons of people saying animal abuse and stuff like that. I don't see it like that. These people make a living from their donkeys and mules so I (want to) believe they do not mistreat them. Donkeys are strong animals and they have been a working animal for many years. But everyone has their own opinion. Anyway they know their way up so they are not tied up and sometimes you bump into other donkeys so watch your feet. My donkey is named Giorgos and he is 15. My boy got a mule since he is so much taller than me!  

Thank you Giorgo you were great I wish I had an apple to give you. 

 Alien invasion = fire drill. 

We stayed at Uranos houses at Imerovigli. They were nice and since they are cave houses the temperature was nice and cold despite the heat outside. Actually at night we slept with a heavy blanket coz we were cold!!! The only problem is that its too humid so you think everything is damp (or maybe it is).  Our room could easily fit four people and it had two bathrooms and a small kitchen with no stove I think (I dint check, I don't get along with the kitchen). 

Bottom line I really enjoyed my visit in Santorini but I would not choose it as a summer destination where I want to enjoy the beach! But I think everyone should visit the island at least once in their life! If I go again I want to go during the red bull art of motion that will be fun!

Seti Yeti