Easter in Antiparos

This was the first year I didn't go to Spetses for Easter!!! Our friends invited us to Antiparos island so we went! It was wonderful! Its a small island with a nice vide, nice houses and since its spring it was so green! I didn't get to swim, the weather was too cold, but hopefully sometime Ill get to do that too coz the waters look amazing. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their easter :)

 Poppy field. Beautiful! 

 When Moka sees water under him he thinks he is swimming. 

Spot the Yeti.

Oh hey I found a pair of shoes. 

 The Lama family :)

and the LocoYeti family. 


She was such a cute puppy!!!

Bff for over 25years. <3 

They don't like us very much. Pushing us off like that. 

There is a cave in Antiparos that they say is very nice but it was closed when we went. It opens later this month I think. Or maybe next month. Anyway this is the view from where the cave is.

and this is the entrance to the cave. I should have just sneaked in!

Despotiko island. I must go exploring there!

 We ate at Captain Pipinos twice. The food is really good. If you go to the island go eat there.

Moka stole Lamas bone. It was too big for him.

Seti Yeti