Andros with the LAMA family.

The weekend before last we went to Andros with the LAMA family. Two couples and three dogs. Fun times. The dogs got along for the most part so that was good. 

Andros is a very big island so I haven't explored it yet!!! I need to get on that. But this weekend we went to Chora (its an hour drive from where we stayed) and then around the house area. We also picked σταμναγκαθι with the boy(I think its called spiny chicory)! Its kind of a pain to clean it plus you need to pick so many of them just to get a small portion but hey we got ourselves a nice salad to eat. Yei for survival skills :p 

Andros - Chora

Bad hair day for Moka.


Moka chasing the goats.

σταμναγκαθι picking. We got a garbage bag full of it. 

Better to have gloves when you pick it. 

Seti Yeti