Spetses Clean Monday

We went to Spetses last weekend. The weather was horrible on Saturday and Monday (too much rain) but Sunday was perfect. It was warm and sunny and we decided to ride around the island with bicycles. Moka came along in the basket. Despite the rain we had lots of fun. Besides I love when it rains at the island. After the rain the sea seems so calm, its so peaceful.

with Amelia and my lil' sis.

with mom and sis.
On Saturday we had a party and since it was the carnival weekend here in Greece we dressed up. 

 This mask is so creepy.

The perfect couple.

Moka riding shotgun.

This is love.

Moka looks like ET.

of course he went in the puddle...

...and of course I followed. 

Moka ate my flower.
(We forgot to bring water with us. I think he was thirsty. We ALL were)

We made it!

On the way home. Stopped to eat. Con found my sisters bag. This happened. 

Seti Yeti