Delphi, Greece

On the 8th of March a friend of mine came to visit so we took her on a road trip to Delphi. It was a good chance to go since I had never been there either. (Its sad that I only visit such places when foreign friends come to visit me) The weather was horrible cloudy, rainy and cold but for some reason once we reached Delphi it was the only place with sunshine!!!

 From Athens is about 2hrs by car to get there. There are also tours from Athens to Delphi but I have never taken one. If you plan to visit get an early start because the archaelogical site is open till 3:00pm but they start clearing out from 2:30pm so everyone can be out by 3:00. (I am not sure if the timetables change as the day becomes bigger) The museum is open till 5:00pm. 

The entrance fee for both the archaelogical  site and the museum is 9 euros, but if you have a Greek or European student ID card then its free. So make sure you bring it!

Since we were a little late to arrive there we rushed to the Stadium which is the furthest from the entrance and worked our way down. 

The stadium held the athletic contests of the Pythian religious festival.

The Theater. 

The temple of Apollo.


"The temple of Apollo extends over a series of terraces in the foothills of Mt. Parnassos, between two enormous rocks called the Phaidriades." 

In order to get to Castalia spring and Temenos of Athena Pronaia you have to walk a bit. Also I think Temenos of Athena Pronaia doesn't close so if you are limited on time you should visit the Temple of Apollo first. Thats what we did. 


Cat lady. Outside the museum there are so so many cats! My friends got something to eat and all of them were gathered around here. She change seat they kept following her. They even followed her to her car!!!

The Sphinx of Naxos.

Statues of Kleobis and Biton.

This is one of the most known statues surviving from Ancient Greece. The Charioteer of Delphi, also known as Heniokhos. Its a bronze life-size statue. Look at his eyes when you visit. 

Photos in the museum are allowed but without flash. 

For information:
Museum tel: +30 22650 82312. Email:

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