Japan, Amigooo!!

So I went to Japan for a day and a half.  It is not the best thing you can do since its a 12hr flight. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. At least I saw Tomo!!!! 

Bye bye Athens.

I flew with Turkish airlines. The service was perfect and the food was so good. It is comfortable too but then again I'm guide small in size so I am comfortable almost everywhere. But yeah if you are flying from Athens to Narita then Turkish is a good option because the connection is only and hour. 

Bye bye Turkey.

The business lounge in Istanbul is cool. The interior design is very unique. I didn't take any photos but I was impressed. Also they have so many things to eat. Salads, hot food, deserts, nuts, etc. 
Did you read about the man that used first-class ticket to eat for free at airport's VIP lounge for almost a year? Well if the food was like in Istanbul then good for him.

Plane food plus candle light dinner high above the clouds!!! Great idea.

In Tokyo we stayed at the Peninsula hotel. I love that hotel. First of all the entrance to the hotel is one of the best entrances I have seen. That wooden art thing and the lights above are just perfect. Also on every floor when you get off the elevator you can see from three small windows these cool light things that look like long hoops. (see the photo bellow) The picture doesn't do it justice it is much nicer up close. The service is very very good but then again everywhere I have been in Japan the service is very good.   

It was very cold. 

 Mako came to the ceremony with me. 


Tomo took me to eat Sukiyaki. It was good even though I did not want to eat the raw egg in the beginning. 

Found two girls dressed the same. Took a picture. (of course I am in a toy store)

And one of my favorite things in Japan:

The AWESOME photo booths they have!!!! I can spend all my money in photo booths, toy stores and game stores. Of course everything is in Japanese and also you have a time limit to doodle and stuff so  it took me a while to figure it out. I just pressed whatever I saw. Also I guess in Japan girls (yes these photo booths are very girly) want their eyes to look bigger so in my case that I already have big eyes I look like a tarsier. But I like it.

This was the first time we tried to fix the photos so we barely had time to finish most of them. But we got the hang of it eventually. I love how it also takes full body pictures. Before each photo is taken they show you a picture of two girls posing. Of course we copied their poses, hence the very cheesy result. Why can't they bring these things to Greece?

These three are definitely my favorites.


 Hello Kitty airplane. 

 Bye bye Japan. Hope to see you soon.

Seti Yeti