Japan: Yokohama

So I left Nepal took a 5 and a half hour flight to Qatar and from there a 10hour flight to Tokyo. Yei for me. I stayed in Yokohama. There are a few things to see in Yokohama. Like the cup-noodle museum, the Nippon Maru, the red brick warehouse and the old docks, the small amusement park etc.
Even though I had work everyday I got some time to explore so it was fun. 

For the cup-noodles museum the entrance fee is 500yen and if you want to go to the cup-noodle factory and make your own cup is 300yen. There is also the chicken ramen factory where you make the noodles but you need to call them and reserve a place in advance or book online.

Bye bye Nepal!

My friend made me a Setiyeti sign :)

Intercontinental hotel Yokohama Grand.

View from my room at night. 

...and morning view. 

Yokohama Landmark tower on a clear night VS on the night before the typhoon. 

Typhoon day. Ugh the rain was like popcorn popping on my window so annoying! And so much wind. At 3 am or something like that there was an earthquake. I woke up and couldn't decide if it was the wind or an earthquake. Of course after than I could not sleep with all the noise.

 Red brick warehouse (day) - former shipping warehouse

 ...and night. Now it has shops inside. 

Dogman.  Awww he has a cast on his leg. 

So they had these fireworks (kind of). They actually make it themselves with bamboo and rope. I dont know why they were having this. Maybe it was a special day? Who knows everything was in Japanese so I did not understand a thing they were saying and the people I asked did not understand english. At least it was nice to watch! :)

The bamboo is in the middle where they put the explosives and around is rope. and they hold it to their side (it is heavy) and light it.

Momofuku Ando invented:
Worlds first instant noodles: August 25, 1958 at age 48
Worlds first cupnoodles: September 18, 1971 at age 61
Worlds first space ramen: July 27, 2005 at age 95

Creative thinking boxes.
1. Discover something completely new.
2. Find hints in all sorts of places.
3. Nurturing an idea.
4. Look at thinks from every angle.
5. Don't just go with the status quo.
6. Never give up.

 I loved these doodles around the walls.

 Momofuku Andos life story. 

 Cupnoodle factory. The tickets for the factory are separate and it is first come first served so the earlier you get there the better chance to get a ticket. 
Step 1:Buy your cup
Step 2: Wash your hands

 Step 3:Decorate your cup.

 Step 4:Put the noodles in the cup.

 Step 5:Choose your ingredients and flavor.
Step 6: Seal the lid on the cup
Step 7: Shrink wrap the cup

Step 8: Finish your cup-noodles air package.

Chicken ramen factory.

First instant noodles!!!

I am guessing that this here is Mr. Momofuku Ando.

Noodles over the years.

Nippon Maru 
Built in 1930 as a training ship for cadets. The ship brought up 11500 cadets in the 54 years of her service. Entrance fee 600yen for both the Nippon Maru and the Yokohama port museum.

It is also cool to see them unfurl the sails! I did not get to see it though because it was the day after I left from home :( I think it takes them an hour to do it or something like that.

They used coconuts to clean the decks!!!  

 It was definitely not made for tall people!

 Well I didn't get to see the sails unfurl but I did get to see the brass band concert.

 Of course I went to the pokemon store and of course I got something from there!

For halloween I got presents at work and from the hotel. Thank you JMU and Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel.

Little girl pretending to be a grownup. So cute!

 Unagi!!!! My favorite food ever! Ugh whenever I go to Japan I cant get enough of it!

The day of the typhoon they had a dancing and singing show!! I got to see them perform the intro of Neon Genesis Evangelion!!!! Awesome! 

There is white chocolate in this thing! I do not know what it is but I liked it.

Shabu Shabu

Waking up at 6am for work is not as bad when the sky is like this.

Seti Yeti