Japan: Tokyo

While I was in Japan since we had no work on the weekends I went for the day to Tokyo!! I couldn't resist. I took the train changed trains (at least I didn't get lost) walked a bit got lost asked around and finally made it to diver city Tokyo to see the huge Gundam statue and the Gundam front where they have Gundam merchandise and I was the movie. Of course it was in Japanese and I did not understand a thing but it was cool to watch since it is played in a dome room and they project figures  on the ceiling making you feel that they are flying on top of you. 

I had bought the tickets from the hotel which of course the site was all in Japanese so the woman at the concierge helped me and since you needed an account to order them and then pick them up from 7/11 she got them from her account and then walked all the way to the store with me to get them!!! Awesome service! You can buy them on the spot I think but it is first come first serve so you never know if you will get a spot or not. Depends on how many people there are. 

After that I went to Akihabara to get my action figures and returned home with 4 huge bags of things since each figure was in a huge box. Ugh my hands were ready to fall off. Plus I felt like I took up everyones space in the train ( I didn't but still that is how I felt) 

This is my last Japan post :( I want to go back!!!! Japan I love you!

I wanted to buy everything from the store. Unfortunately I couldn't. 

There was this weird dance show and each team had the hugest flags I have ever seen. I don't know why they had it but it was fun to watch. There was also a concert and everyone was going crazy. It was so funny to watch them all jump up and down and wave at the four or five? little girls on stage. 

From Gundam cafe. miam miam

I want the huge Gundam and this Eva in my house. Can I have them? I asked my boyfriend and my sis to get them for me for my birthday but nothing happened. Maybe I should ask santa. :p

On the flight home this happened. 

Seti Yeti