So the boy and I finally took our summer vacation!!! We went to Nepal to find my friends Pauly and Agrima!! Well the trip there was so so soooo long. Took a plane to Abu Dhabi airport, then a connection flight to New Delhi and finally a plane to Kathmandu. Ahh if you can, AVOID going through India! When we got to the transfer desk there were seven people there. One was working the others were chillin. We asked one of the seven people there to help us and they sent us to the one guy that was actually working!!!! When we got to ask him he sent us to a person that was not even working at the counter! Finally we were told to wait for them to find luggage. When they did (quite some time later) we finally got our tickets! After 10hrs flight + waiting time between flights we finally got to Kathmandu, where Paul had to get up early to come pick us up!!! Thank you Paul!
(Here are some pictures but I have so many so I will be posting them in deferent posts.)

Abu Dhabi airport: Oh hey there is a Lamborghini.

New Delhi airport: Oh hey barefoot man with goat hoodie.

Kathmandu airport!

Yep Chaos and YETI MONEY exchange!!! Nepal is the home of the Yeti! (Im home! :p )

Roads in Kathmandu are horrible. They are "fixing" them (for the past two years) so there are huge potholes everywhere and if its not raining there is so much dust. So if you plan on visiting it doesn't hurt to have a face mask with you. 

The pufferball.

Garden of Dreams

Garden of dreams is a nice place to visit and take a break from the chaos of Kathmandu city. You can still hear all the honking but its a nice place to go read a book, draw or just relax. Plus its right next to the library.  We went there for lunch. The food was not bad, it is clean too. The service was horrible though. It took them forever to bring us our food. Nevertheless we enjoyed our time there. 
There is an entrance fee of Rs200 to get in the garden of dreams. 


Since we stayed at my friends house there is not much I can tell you about hotels. But when we visited Thamel (an area with tons of little shops, considered to be the tourist district of Kathmandu: make sure to bargain) we stopped by this cute little cafe called cafe Mitra that also has four guest rooms. We got to see one of the rooms and it was so cute. Also very clean. I cant tell you anything more since I did not stay there but if you want to stay in that area check it out!!  

Stay tuned for more Nepal posts!


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