Nepal: Tika

The 10th day of Dashain the women prepare "tika", a mixture of rise, yogurt and vermilion. Tika is put on your forehead by the elders for blessing. My boy and I also got blessed! It was so nice to go around with Paul and his family to different houses they were invited to see their culture. Thank you Paul again! We also got invited to the Chief of the military palace (the chief and his family lives in a palace for the years that he is chief, then moves back to his house) 

preparing tika and that other thing that they hang on their necks but i don't remember the name. 

Paul you have a huge family

Oh hey the two foreigners sitting in the corner.

Paul checking to see if the tika will fall of his forehead or not. 

So this is the tika.

Desert: The round things are waaaaaay too sweet from me. The other ones I liked!

Chiefs Palace

Seti Yeti