Nepal: Stupas

While in Kathmandu we visited Bouddhanath Stupa and Swayambhunath Stupa. They look so cool!!!! I love the architecture of the stupa with the eyes watching you. 

Bouddhanath stupa is massive. The structure is amazing and all the flags give so much color to it. I didn't want to leave this place, even though it was raining i spent so much time there going around and around. Bouddhanath is a world heritage site. I wish I could climb on top. In order to enter you have to pay but I don't remember how much since my friend payed for me. (thank you Paul) Before you go up the steps to get closer to it there are small shops selling all kinds of stuff, like beads and shells and cloths etc. You always have to walk around the circle clockwise. I think Bouddhanath stupa was my favorite from all the temples I visited in Nepal.

Swayambhunath stupa (or Monkey temple) is smaller in size than Bouddhanath. It is located on a hill in the Kathmandu valley that overlooks the city so if you visit at night (like we did) you can see all the lights from the houses in Kathmandu valley and its beautiful. Beware of the monkeys there!!!! There are millions of them and they are everywhere. If you have food they attack. While we were there a guy was taking photos and in the pocket of his backpack he had a bag of nuts. A monkey jumped on him and took the nuts away and started eating them. Oh and they bite from what i've heard. The entrance fee is RS200. 

Bouddhanath Stupa

PaulyPoppins is flying behind me!

These kids climbed the stairs all the way up where there weren't allowed to go. If it wasn't a holy place I would have done it too. Ahhhh I so wanted to go all the way up.  

Swayambhunath Stupa

Seti Yeti