Nepal: Shivapuri

Shivapuri!! We had such an awesome time there!!! Or at least I did! I wish we could have stayed longer and not just one day. We stayed at Shivapuri village which is located at Shivapuri Nagarjun National park. We took the "good" road to get there. Well if that was the "good" road then I don't want to know what the "bad" road looks like! You probably break your car till you reach your destination! Leaving Kathmandu and going towards Shivapuri the roads are so bumpy with huge potholes everywhere and once you get in the national park you reach a point where its only mud and since it had rained the day before it was all soft and wet it was like we were in Jurassic park especially with all the ferns around. It was awesome!!! If they had ATV's or motocross or mountain bikes it would be so amazing! 

At Shivapuri village we stayed in a village hut. It was so cute! Also they serve you home-cooked Nepalese food for all three meals. You can ask for continental cuisine but whats the point? You are in Nepal, eat there food it will be taste better anyway. Actually it was really good. In general the place is cozy, clean, relaxing, and the people there are so nice. It also has an amazing view of the Himalayas or so I was told since it was foggy and we didn't get to see them. We went for an hour walk in the muddy roads which was nice. I wanted to walk at the path going through the forest going downhill but since the trees there were more dense they told us there might be leeches and I don't want leeches all over me so uphill and wide roads was good for me! So if you want to avoid leeches better go during dry season.   After dinner we got wood and made a fire and played cluedo and jenga. In general if you like remote places in the forest and walks and quiet nights I highly recommend this place! And if you do go I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :)

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In order to get in the National Park you have to pass through this place where they note your license plates. I think you have to pay an entrance fee but I am not sure. 

So the driver of that truck forgot to put gas so he got stuck, and closed the whole road till someone got him some gas. At least we figured out that we took the wrong turn and had to go back again so we didn't have to wait till all this got cleared out!

These guys were waiting for the truck to move in order to pass through. 

Jurassic park ride...

finally we arrived! and that was our little village hut. 

It had its own gate too. It was the bigger one that is why. Supposedly the king stays there when he goes to Shivapuri. 

The only place with reception was there so I was just texting my parents "Hey Im good. I am in a forest. No reception. Call you when I get out." I hope I didn't scare them. 

Yep this is an actual road that connects two villages and then goes on to the main road. (the one that the truck got stuck) We thought the bus was gonna tip over! 

Burning stick fight with my boy.

Em did you know that in Nepal one cow = one weed plant? Yeah we didn't either. Till we saw the weed plants and they told us! Weird.

Hello weed garden. You smell bad. (I hate the smell of weed)

Em thanks K. I love you too.

Ice cream anyone?

Well that is all. I hope you liked the photos. 

Seti Yeti