Nepal: Pokhara

The last three days before I left Nepal the boy and I flew to Pokhra. It is such a lovely place! If you visit Nepal you should definitely go to Pokhara. Pauly dropped us off at the domestic terminal and we flew with Buddha. There is also Yeti airlines. The flight is around 25minutes. There Pauly recommended (actually booked) for us to stay at the Fishtail lodge. We loved it!!! It is across the lake and it has an amazing view of the lake and the mountains. Our room was really cute and clean and also the food there is good (and safe, we didn't have any tummy trouble) I highly recommend it.

We arrived late afternoon so we had dinner in the hotel and then walked around the center where all the little shops are. Do a lot of bargaining when you want to buy something (I am the worst at it, so the boy did all the work) The second day we took a canoe/boat from the hotel, around the Tal Barahi temple (we didn't want to go in because it was really crowded) and then to the beginning of the trail for the world peace pagoda. Of course we had a guide with us and you better get one too because it is so much safer when you have a guide that knows the place around. Plus you learn stuff. And learning stuff is good. He was very nice too. So the trek up the mountain is like an hour or so and it is steep so it is tiering. Luckily there are so many trees around so the head doesn't bother you that much. Do not go during rainy season its leeches paradise in there. The views as you hike up are incredible. It would have been even better if we could see the mountain range but the clouds were blocking it ugh. But its ok because they kinda looked like they could be mountains :p or at least thats what I want to think! Then we went to the Gupteshwor Mahadev cave, Devi's falls, walked a bit around the Tibetan camp and ended the trip by going to the Seti river gorge. The last day before we had to catch our flight to kathmandu, we rented bicycles and cycled around the lake. 

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave: Rs100
Devi's Falls: Rs20
Seti river gorge Rs25

On my next trip to nepal I definitely want to go trekking if not Mt Everest base camp then the Annapurna trail (everyone says its is the most scenic one) and also I want to actually go rafting on the Seti river and maybe go bungee jumping (even though everyone says its not good for back problems) 

This is my last Nepal post. Hope you enjoyed them. Next stop: Japan.

Waiting at the airport since we had an hour delay! They had a Yeti store in the airport. I should have gotten a shirt but I didn't. Stupid me. They had one that had a picture of a Yeti and said I exist! 
Hello airplane!

When they take you to the airplane they hook the baggage cart on the bus so you can see your luggage! I see mine, there in the corner!!!

In case of emergency break the window with your laser - eyes. (see pic. 3 above for guidance)

Pokhara airport.

This is how you get to the hotel!

Where is Seti?

Our room! So cute and round.

Momos!!!I love momos!!!

See?Don't the clouds look mountains!? :p

This is the Tal Barahi temple.

Oh hey cloud dinosaur!

No shoes are allowed up the steps. 

Found a friend on the way down. She led/followed me around for a while.

This guy was selling fish. 

Way down to the Gupteshwor Mahadev cave.

Devi's falls.

If the bus breaks down. Get off and push.

Seti river gorge. Even though next time I would actually go to the river itself because here you can only see part of it from above. They have diverted part of the river so you can get water or whatever but it is not the same. 

Hey look you can kinda see the mountains!!!

This is the fishtail peak, where the hotel got its name. 

See that little dot on top of the mountain, under the cloud? Thats the world peace pagoda. 

View from fishtail lodge.

Bye bye Pokhara.

This is the domestic terminal building in Kathmandu. 

Once you arrive, you don't go through the building but they take you around and kick you out. :p

And the luggage is here.

And finally drive to the airport to go leave :(

Seti Yeti