Nepal: Nagarkot

While in Nepal we drove up to Nagarkot to stay for a night. At a height of 2195 meters, on a clear day you can see Mount Everest. Unfortunately when we went there, the mountains around us were covered by clouds. Only sometimes we could see some spots of the snowy mountains. Nevertheless we enjoyed our time there and I got to go on their huge bamboo swings they had around the country for Dashain. Driving up there (takes around an hour from Kathmandu) is a bit hectic and can get on your nerves since on every turn you have to honk, in case someone is coming from the opposite side. In general driving in Nepal and especially Kathmandu is annoying. Too much honking (I hate honking it can drive me crazy) and bikes everywhere going in every direction, then you will see a cow in the middle of the street just chilling and a bus or two getting pushed because they broke down. 

Yeti money, Yeti holidays!

These bamboo swings are awesome. I wouldn't mind having one in my backyard.

*Insert pretty snowy mountains on the background instead of clouds*

We had dinner and breakfast at the Club Himalaya Resort. Food was not bad it was decent and clean. Service was a bit slow due to Dashain because a lot of the staff was on vacation. That is were the bamboo swing was too. 

We also had a noodle snack at the house. That was before the electrical panel caught on fire ( we could smell the fire and could not figure out where it was coming from till the power went off!) and we had to turn on the generator and watch breaking bad by candlelight. 

Play boy whisky.

Seti Yeti