Nepal: Kot Puja

While I was in Nepal they had Dashain. It is one of their biggest festivals and it lasts 15 days. It is a celebration of the victory of the god/goddesses over the demons, good over evil. On our second day in Nepal it was the 9th day of Dashain. On the 9th day the official military sacrifices are held in the Kot courtyard of the Hanuman Dhoka palace. They sacrifice goats and buffaloes under the gunfire salutes. After the sacrifice they keep some of the animals for the military people to eat and the rest is given as charity to the poor. On this day they also offer animal and blood to tools and vehicles in order to have a safe year on the road. The same is done to airplanes. 

(There are some pictures in this blog post that their content is violent. Please do not continue reading the post if you are not up to it. Thank you.)

Trying to drive through the bikes, the bicycles, the people and the other cars.

Gunfire salutes  

Preparing for the Chief of the military arrival.

 Chief is here.

He is blowing in a conch shell

This furry thing is made of Yak hair (I think)

For the sacrifice they use the Nepali knife called Khukuri. Its curved shape and the heavy blade, helps cut through the neck bone in one blow. 

Here he stopped because the animal moved. They have to be sure it will cut right through. 


Seti Yeti