On the road #1

Even though Im in Nepal now at last I got some time to put some pictures up from last Saturday...

I stayed with Loukia at her house in Lausanne. We rented a car and went on road trips both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to Bulle, Gruyere and Broc. We chased down the cows descending from the mountains till our feet hurt (they are fast so park close if it happens to you) Then we go stuck in the middle of the road while two more groups of cows passed by. We went to La Maison du Gruyere were they make the cheese. Its on Place de la Gare 3 Pringy-Gruyeres. The "factory" is very very small but the audio thingy you listen to is fun and they explain how they make the cheese while you watch it from above. It is interesting even though i would have liked to go down and watch it up close and go in the cellar afterwards where they keep the cheese. Then we went to Maison Cailler, Rue Jules Bellet 7 Broc, where they make chocolates. Ah the waiting line was huge!!! We had to wait and hour and a half so we got our tickets and went back to Bulle to grab some food. Nearly got killed on the way by a crazy dude. The chocolate factory was more fun because it was more interactive. In the beginning its kinda like a disney ride, where they tell you how they started and merged with Nestle. Then you see some of the production, not much and then you get to taste chocolates. Last stop on our road trip was Gruyere. Lovely old school town with its cute buildings, colorful windows with flowers hanging and the Castle. 


Cows in line watching the cow parade!

La maison du Gruyere.

Maison Cailler.

Chocolate production. 


Part of the chocolate testing.

When do you eat chocolate notes

Chocolates everywhere. And of course after the tour everyone buys them!

Can you see me?

Yep I loved this bridge. Hence all the photos.


 If you want to take photos of the roof you need to climb.

Seti Yeti